Phase One:

  • Client and web designer will discuss the goal of the website, functionality and website look and feel. This can be done by phone or email, whichever the client is more comfortable with.
  • Web designer will assess the client’s needs and create a website “mock up” of the home page for client to view online. This initial design process typically can be done within 1 week or less. If the client has a logo, it will need to be provided in electronic format at this time. (jpg, gif, png, eps, pdf, psd, etc.)
  • Client will review the design, and provide the designer with feedback regarding any revisions.
  • Revised design will be presented to the client for approval.

Phase Two:

  • Approved website design will be transferred to web format and posted on a temporary domain name for viewing online.
  • If the client does not already have a domain name and hosting plan, the web designer can assist in domain registration and selecting proper hosting, as well as configuration of email addresses.

Phase Three:

  • Client will provide web designer with content. Content must be provided in electronic format (MS Word document or other text document). Client can also provide any graphics at this time. (jpg, gif, png, eps, pdf, psd, etc.) Stock images are available at no additional cost.
  • All content will be placed on appropriate website pages. Careful consideration is taken throughout this process to be sure the text and images are well organized in an aesthetically pleasing layout, while maintaining ease of navigation for the user.

Final Phase:

  • Client will review the completed website populated with all content supplied. Any final revisions will be provided by client and completed by designer.
  • Web designer will transfer website to client’s web host and will properly point the domain to the new website if the domain is not already setup.

After the site is completed and online, the client will continue to have full access to the website. Web designer can continue to provide web services if needed, for a monthly maintenance fee or hourly rate.